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The above video was made at Spirit while we were a donation-based studio during our first year, obviously the donation comments in the video no longer apply but the basic concept and feel of the studio are still the same.

Spirit Yoga was founded by a small group of friends who wanted to bring affordable and approachable quality yoga to our community. We have several options for pricing:

$14 single drop-in class

$85 monthly unlimited yoga (recurring monthly autopay)

$100 for a single month of unlimited yoga

$100 for a 10 class package, with no expiration date

10 consecutive days free for new students

$800 Annual membership (you can suspend it one time for vacation time or whatever). No refunds.

 What To Expect When You Come To Spirit:

  • Since Trader Joe’s opened the parking situation isn’t as easy as it was in the past, please allow a few extra minutes to find a spot. We usually park on Haine’s or Hornblend and walk a block up Garnet.
  • The studio is mildly heated between 90 to 99 degrees and is fairly humid due to the fact that we have lots of plants in the studio
  • Our teachers play music in their classes. Sometimes it’s popular top 40 stuff, other times it’s quieter background music. It all depends on the teacher and the class style.
  • Most classes are 75 minutes but we have a several 60 minute classes
  • We’re primarily a Vinyasa based studio
  • We have mats, towels and water for $2 each
  • Wear shorts and a light top. No shoes or socks in the actual studio.
  • If it’s your first time to Spirit try to arrive 15 minutes early to sign a waiver, meet the teacher and get a tour of the studio
  • We don’t pre-book or reserve classes
  • Yoga isn’t about flexibility
  • We have a restroom and several changing rooms but no showers. You can leave your belongings in baskets and on the shelves in the back room or lobby.
  • If you have to leave class a few minutes early for any reason, it’s polite to let the teacher know before class starts.
  • We accept cash and credit cards
  • Beginning yoga students should try to take a Vinyasa 1 class to start
  • There are several different classes at Spirit but basically a Vinyasa 1 is an easier class, a Vinyasa 2 is a bit more intermediate and a Vinyasa 2/3 is slightly more advanced.
  • No phones in the studio. Please leave it on silent with your belongings.
  • It’s polite to shower before you come to a yoga class, and to not wear heavy perfumes or scents.